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My Story

I worked professionally as a mental health counselor (LPC) for several years in different parts of the United States. It was a formative journey that showed me not only the positive aspects but also the weaknesses of our current mental health system, with rampant overmedication and a failure to integrate clients’ body and soul awareness as part of treatment.

I quit my job in New York and decided to travel around the world with my husband to learn about different healing modalities. In this journey I’ve met some of the best teachers and friends that have inspired me to create my own private practice incorporating not only counseling services but also yoga psychotherapy, energy shamanic healing and women’s circles.

Through Michelle Quiroga, LPC, RYT it is my purpose to heal and help people become their most empowered selves by discovering and honoring who they truly are. I believe healers must see people through the lens of their presenting issues, diagnoses and concerns, while at the same time seeing that person as a soul in search of realization.

As a healer and lightworker, my passion and goal is to increase the energetic vibration of human kind by merging modern and ancient healing techniques on the body, mind and spirit.

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