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What is it?

Yoga psychotherapy is a body-mind treatment modality which incorporates psychosomatic and mindfulness-based therapy approaches as well as yogic principles and poses during a counseling session.

More and more research suggests that yoga-based psychotherapy especially helps in the treatment of several mental health conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, sexual or emotional trauma, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

My practice of yoga-psychotherapy is usually a fusion of three primary forms of yoga: Restorative, Meditative and Yin Yoga. In a typical session, I combine breathwork techniques, guided meditation, yoga poses, and aromatherapy (for face-to-face sessions).

My yoga-based psychotherapy program is an adaptive practice, tailored to the client’s needs, and appropriate for clients of all ages, races, sexual orientations and physical abilities.

You don't have to have a yoga practice to try it.

*Yoga-psychotherapy is not for everyone. It can be especially triggering for people with a history of dissociative disorders. However, if what you are looking for in treatment combines healing of the body, mind, and spirit it may be the right approach for you.

Is yoga psychotherapy the same as yoga therapy?

Contrary to many peoples' belief, yoga-psychotherapy is not the same as yoga therapy.

Yoga therapy is a popular yoga certification that can be used for treating several physical conditions and illnesses such as arthritis or chronic back pain.  It is usually done on a yoga mat and facilitated by a qualified yoga teacher.

Yoga-psychotherapy is more clinical in nature and, by law, must be implemented by a licensed mental health professional.  It takes place in a clinical therapy setting and can be used to treat a variety of mental health diagnoses, including eating and trauma-related disorders.

My services are primarily focused on yoga-psychotherapy. If you have any questions on what type of therapy you’d mostly benefit from, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Reasons to give it a try!

1. You don't have to have an advanced yoga practice or even a yoga practice at all to try it.


2. A body-centered approach is a highly effective way to treat and heal trauma and can work more quickly and deeper than traditional talk therapy methods.

3. It is more dynamic than traditional talk therapy. Using the mind/body connection you are able to tap into a physical realm usually not addressed in traditional therapies.

4. Trauma is stored in the body. Therefore, a body-centered approach such as yoga-psychotherapy can directly get to the source and root of the trauma, mental health condition or addiction.

5. Yoga-psychotherapy can include mind/body/spirit practices where belief of a power greater than oneself (for clients who are open to this) can assist in healing trauma.

6. It can help to heal and strengthen your relationship with your body by connecting to inner sensations and stored emotions.

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