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Transpersonal Psychotherapy

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What is it?

Transpersonal psychology literally means "beyond the personal" and is a psychological theory which focuses on discovering the deep core of who we really are-- that which goes beyond our body, age, gender, talents, culture, beliefs, etc.

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Transpersonal psychology is a holistic perspective which merges Eastern and Western philosophies, focusing on the whole spectrum of our human experience.

“I have content, personal history, trauma, strengths, weaknesses, personality inclinations. I have this body, this age, this sex.

And I am more than that.”

-Roberto Assagioli, father of transpersonal psychology

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My therapeutic approach

I see the client through the lens of their presenting issues, diagnoses or concerns, while at the same time seeing that person as a soul in search of realization.
I am also able to see beyond diagnoses or dysfunctional behavior patterns and beyond clients’ own sense of identification-- in whatever way they identify themselves that limits them.
At the same time, I am able to understand and treat mental illness from a clinical perspective.

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There are simple yet powerful practices and philosophies to support this process. Disidentification; integration of our subpersonalities (fragmentations of the Self), the realization of the many paths on which each human travels towards their own Self-realization; and the understanding of our connection to the collective unconscious, will be the pillars for therapy.
As part of treatment I use holistic and transcendental techniques such as guided meditation, reiki and visualization exercises.

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Drawing the Human Soul

Transpersonal therapy is not affiliated with any religion, so people of all spiritual backgrounds can benefit from this type of therapy. Our sessions will nonetheless incorporate certain aspects of different spiritual paths and religions teaching.

Like any psychological treatment, transpersonal psychology is not necessarily the best treatment option for everyone.

I'd be more than happy to discuss if this would be the right treatment approach for you during a free 30-minute consultation.

“The Ways towards the Self are not only individual undertakings but also aspects in the evolution of the human species.”

-Piero Ferrucci, father of psychosynthesis


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