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Shamanic Reiki

What is it?

In traditional Reiki, we call upon Source Energy (God / Life / Universe) for healing. However, shamanic foundations are based on a non-hierarchical view that all life, not just human life, has consciousness; so we tap into Nature Spirits to do the healing.  

Therefore, the ability to heal comes from the elements and helping Spirits. It is as if I provide the physical aspects that spirits aren’t able to embody and I’m the intermediary with the Spirit world bringing back knowledge that is necessary for healing to take place.  

It is not the me per say, but my spiritual connection with Mother Nature that performs the powerful healing. I am the intermediary, accessing the Spirit world on behalf of others, myself, future generations and the Earth. 

Because of this connection, Shamanic Reiki could be perceived as a more "targeted" and intimate type of healing as it strengthens and reinforces intuitive power, in both the giver and receiver. 

Shamanic techniques can be very dynamic as they follow a process of discerning what direction the guides want to take by putting aside ego to be able to follow this guidance. It can look like traditional shamanic journeying with drum or rattle. It can also take other approaches such as singing, chanting, using crystals, moving energy, shape shifting, dancing, etc.

Also, just like traditional Reiki, Shamanic healing can take place at a physical distance, or to a situation or person in the past or future, sending healing energy across time and space. 

If you have any further questions about how Shamanic Reiki works, what to expect during a session, or for more Reiki benefits please don't hesitate to contact me prior to scheduling an appointment.

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